“…children’s books are the pulse of my life.”

For starters, as we say where I’m from, I’m Georgia grown. Having been born and raised in a small town just south of Atlanta, my upbringing afforded me with inspiring’s and motivations that cultured my creative talent. The roots of my inspiration came from long summer days of my childhood, in the woods, with my twin sister. We’d pick blackberries, wild strawberries, or tickle our hands over swaying broom sage and hold hands through thick goldenrod dreaming of the whimsical. A perfect team we made- you always need a friend when you build a pine straw teepee in the woods. Sour plums and warm tomatoes from the sun did more than nourish our guts on those hot days. I became a doodler and she a scribbler, forever.

Sharing ideas then is just like it is now; she knows what I’m thinking before I even say it, and you better believe me that she’s my best critic. Together we wrote stories and made our own books. I filled countless pages with squirrels, birds, chipmunks, crazy possums, reckless raccoons. You name it, if it was furry, I loved to draw it. Still do. I think about my own love of books when I was growing up… Frog and Toad, Ralph S. Mouse, and How Fletcher Was Hatched. (Sigh). And now, my twin is still beside me, officially joining me in producing children’s art, and our own books. There’s no insect in this world that flies with just one wing. Hence, the name Doublefly.

I am in love with illustrating, and every day that I get to illustrate is a day where I remember where I’m from, where I’ve been, and where I want to take my talent. I always want to reinvent myself to make my work relevant making me crave the respect of my peers. Children’s art and illustration is in my core, but children’s books are the pulse of my life.

Sincerely inspired,
Leighanne Schneider


Christian Science Journal
American Mills
McGraw Hill- SRA
Chronicle Books
Design Press
Georgia Jams
Learning A-Z
Highlights for Children

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